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Hair wigs have been used for centuries to either cover a balding pate or for aesthetic purposes. Fancy dress wigs have hence been very popular for centuries to liven up a party, add a touch of glamour to a dress and also sometimes to hide hair loss or a receding hair line. However in the 18th and 19th century elaborate designs on fancy dress wigs were used to denote the social standing of the wearer. Hence members of royal families, noble and aristocratic families wore intricately designed wigs to enhance their beauty.

Ladies of royal families and noble families were allowed to wear fancy dress wigs of varying color and length while the rest of the population were allowed to wear wigs of only short length. It was the Egyptians who first popularized the use of fancy dress wigs. The heat in Egypt caused lice and fleas and hence Egyptians would shave off their hair and instead use fancy dress wigs. Egyptians were known for the high and ornate fancy dress wigs. .

King Louis XIII of France first popularized fancy dress wigs for men. He started using fancy dress wigs to cover his thinning hair and receding hair line but the trend soon turned into a fashion statement. Queen Elizabeth I of England was also very popular for her fancy dress wigs collection. It is estimated that she owned 90 highly ornate fancy dress wigs amongst many other daily use hair wigs.

Nowadays fancy dress wigs can be worn by anyone. With the cheap synthetic fancy dress wigs being available in the market just about anyone can own a hair wig. However the natural fancy dress wigs made of real human hair are still quite expensive and require proper maintenance and care. So the next time you head out partying remember to don a fancy dress wig to add a touch of style to your appearance.


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